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With DIRECWAY Offered through DIRECTV, you get a superfast Internet connection that's always on, always raring to go - no dialing, no waiting.

Here's the deal. DIRECWAY gives you the high-speed Internet access you want in a single satellite dish. No tying up your phone line or waiting for some company to lay cable in your neighborhood. All you need is a PC that meets our system requirements and a clear view of the southern sky. We'll take care of the rest. And once your system's installed, you'll have an always-on connection for instant Web access. It's that easy.

No matter what you use the Internet for, DIRECWAY makes the experience better. Our advanced encryption technology ensures that your satellite transmission is secure, and your signal can't be intercepted. So your business is just that - yours.

DIRECTV received the J.D. Powers and Associates 2002 Award for Best Customer Service.

DIRECWAY could be the Internet connectivity answer that you have been waiting for. Call or CONTACT Best Buy Satellite for pricing and system requirements.

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