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DISH Network is a digital satellite entertainment broadcasting company with 6 satellites in orbit allowing them the ability to broadcast over 500 digital video, data and audio channels of programming, including HDTV.

As a DISH Network subscriber you will also have access to pay-per-view events and movies. By purchasing pay-per-view movies through your DISH Network satellite system you have access to the latest released without having to worry about returns or late fees, or that all copies of the movie you want will be rented out. Pay-per-view allows you to access events such as World Championship Boxing matches, World Cup Soccer games, Concerts, and many other world premiere events.

DISH Network consistently has the most economical programming and the best equipment promotions. You will find it to be an exceptional value compared to services such as cable and WBS.

DISH Network received the 2001 J.D. Powers and Associates Award for Customer Service.

Call or CONTACT Best Buy Satellite for pricing and promotions.

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