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StarBand is the first consumer, 2-way satellite Internet service to deliver an always-on, high-speed Internet connection virtually everywhere in the country.

If incredibly slow downloads and constant online congestion are common for your Internet experience, StarBand can help. If you can see the southern sky, you can get StarBand.

The StarBand service can download content up to 10x faster than the fastest dial-up services. It does not use a phone line, so no more busy signals for people calling you. Plus, it is always on, so no more busy signals or failed connections when accessing the Internet.

StarBand service makes the power of high-speed Internet available virtually everywhere. So, whether you live on a small farm in the West, or in a big city in the Northeast, you'll no longer be denied the excitement of high-speed Internet service.

StarBand high-speed Internet service can also be combined on the same dish with DISH Network services to provide for all your Internet and entertainment programming needs.

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