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AT&T is one of the oldest and most dependable wireless service providers in the industry. They offer a wide array of packages and services to meet the wireless voice and data needs of customers across the country.

AT&T's mLife plans give you hundreds of ways to connect to the people and information you care the most about. mMode can help you manage your personal and professional life - even entertain you - all with a few simple clicks on your phone's keypad. From email to headline news, finding your friends who have mMode, and playing the hottest games, mMode gives you the power beyond voice. With mLife your wireless phone can be your only phone.

AT&T has introduced a totally new way to go wireless with their GoPhone. Whether you're new to wireless or just looking for a different option, GoPhone gives what you want in a wireless plan. GoPhone packages offer low-cost plans with no contract and no credit checks, deposits or age limits. GoPhone service is easy to start. Just grab a GoPhone package, choose a plan - starting at $19.99/mo.-- and activate it at home with a credit card, debit card, or bank account number. Plus you can add mMode for access to all the fun, latest news, information and entertainment to make your phone do more.

AT&T's Digital One Rate plans have been an innovative mainstay in the wireless industry since AT&T introduced them in a surprise move several years ago. Digital One Rate plans offer the security of set pricing no matter where you use your phone or where you call to in the continental U.S. Add mMode features to a Digital One Rate plan and your wireless phone is truly the only communication device you'll need anywhere in the continental U.S.

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